Agriculture Technology Go Ahead with Agriculture Technology Mon, 01 Oct 2012 15:46:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bangladeshi person invent Paddy Cutter Mon, 01 Oct 2012 15:46:18 +0000 A Bangladeshi person Mr. Amir Hossain from Bogra has invent a new machine to cut paddy, which is strong, light and low in cost. It will not only reduce the labour deficiency but also the
related costing.

Brief History of The Inventor:

Amir Hossain(50) is the villager of Katna Para of Bogra city. There he has his business institute Rahim Engineering Workshop, where some little mechanical parts are made in the mill. Amir Hossain is the chief mechanic of his institute.
This quality has gained from his father.Amir Hossain said that, in 1940 his father Dolu maker(mechinic) established this mill. In 1965 during the Bangladesh-Pakistan war he made a siren machine. In 1978 he joined in his father’s business after passing SSC. In 1978 when his father died, Amir took his father’s business.
Now he has invent a machine to cut the paddy. He has given the name “Koler Kanchi” (mechanical Sickle). Amir said, ” Actually this machine is made to cut paddy. But you can also cut wheat, cerials, jute, cane sugar and other grains.”

How he has made:
When a machine has attract his mind, he tried to make a same machine. This is his hobby. Just before a year he has seen a machine to cut paddy in the Paddy Research Institute. That machine was large enough. Amir known that, the machine was baught from foreign country at about 12 lacs Taka. The machine attract his mind.He decided to present this machine in less price to the farmer. Reaching the home he discussed with his daughter Asha about this. Asha is the student of Bogra Government Azizul Hoque College. She has short course training on making model of machineries. According to his father’s order she made a model of Paddy Cutter. Then Amir start to make the machine according to the model. Within about one year he has made ‘Koler Kanchi'(mechanical sickle).
Amir used local instruments to make this Mechanical Sickle. Here he used pipe, carbon steel penium, carbon steel blade. A petrol engine having 1.5 HP is attached to this machine. Amir said, ‘by using “Koler Kanchi” one acre’s paddy can be cut in 2 hours. To cut one Bigha’s paddy, the cost will be 60-70 Taka( 1 dollar).As the machin is light, any adult person can cut grains. He said, Farmers can buy this machine within 8000-10,000/- Taka. He is trying to reduce the price.

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